What do we know about the god truth?

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I entered into a discussion on Facebook about homophobia. My remark was that the question, Can God who is love hate one person responded with a string of quotations from various places in the Hebrew Scriptures, known as the Old Testament by Christians, saying that God does hate. I do not see how this can be possible from my view system. I believe in a God of love and that we were all generated from that love. The men and women who wrote the books of the Bible brought in their own beliefs about people, faith and lifestyle. I realize this is completely against fundamentalist Christians who believe in Biblical inerrancy, that every word of the Bible is true because it is from God. I think the books of the Bible are inspired by the Divine, but I do not think they were ordered by the Divine. This is, incidentally, in line with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

is God real

 If you say that God can despise, then you are stating that the Divine is imperfect. This contradicts what was educated in the Judeo Christian teachings. I guess that if God could hate then that would explain the status of the world better than if the Divine was ideal love. We do look to see or hear about much more hate from the world is God real. With hatred there is absolutely no goodness. With hatred there is absolutely not any justice. There would only be each person for his or herself with death and destruction everywhere. To put it differently, there will be hell. People who choose to follow the Supreme Being who is assumed to be complete goodness usually try to model their lives after what they think about the Divine. In Christianity, the version is Jesus since he lived upon this earth and is supposed to be complete perfection.

He did have that burst of anger when he up turned the tables of these selling items in the temple. He expressed anger towards the Pharisees and called them a brood of vipers. Before you answer, think of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus said it was incorrect to have anger in your heart. In the end, the resolution of these contradictions can only be found in you. Regardless of what someone says is correct, you are the only person who can decide what is true for you. Personally, I think the Divine can only love and that despise denies who the Divine is. My life works better that way.