Book promotion tips – Must have points for authors

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To start with there are many ways to fail at marketing your book. However believe it or not you only need to do a few things well to succeed. It really is that simple, moreover if your success relies on only needing to do a few things well why would not you want to use them.

So let’s get started;

  • repurpose – you will want to be able to reach your readers with audio, video, articles, etc. Getting the word out about your newest novel will require you to market via channels such as YouTube, with podcasting and with article marketing to name a few. A simple way to repurpose your material is to take a part of your book and create an article to post online, then record it and post it in a podcast directory and then create a short video reading the same free ebook promotion sites content. This will help you reuse the same material with no need to create new material other then what is in your book already. Yet you will be able to reach deep into several channels where your target readers can find you in the medium they prefer.
  • Budget – yes you need to create a financial and time budget to invest in your book promotion efforts. Do not trust your gut and work on selling your cutting edge sci-fi only when you feel like it. Instead get a calendar and plan out your time and efforts if you want to be profitably successful. Nothing comes easy or free you are going to need some time and money expects this right from the start.
  • Keywords – yes you need to understand keywords, for your websites metatarsi, search engine optimization efforts as well as for research in your niche and industry. You will sell your books online largely based on consumers being able to find you and your product. This is an important component to your online success so generate a list of at least a dozen words and phrases that are keywords in your niche.
  • testing & tracking – if you plan on being able to test, track and ad your efforts to optimize your income than you are going to need to learn about Google analytics, click-through rates, tracking code, conversions rates and more. Now again you do not need to master these to the degree that you can perform each step yourself, but you do need to know that when hiring professionals you are going to need to know what to look for when hiring them.